THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE, we were able to raise $50,793.50 for Transformation Village. $27,000 has already been paid toward the Well & the remainder will continue to be used for the development of Transformation Village. United Global Outreach & River Run Church Thank you for partnering and making this a reality!

The Forgotten Town of Bithlo

It is hard to imagine a need for clean water in Central Florida, but that is exactly what the 10,000 residents of Bithlo are in desperate need of. The 12-square-mile town is located just four miles east of the University of Central Florida (UCF), off highway 50. For nearly a century the once bustling town has faced extreme poverty lacking proper medical services, access to education, infrastructure and clean water.

After years of neglect, the city’s bleak existence has slowly started to shift, thanks in large part to United Global Outreach, a nonprofit organization created to “raise Bithlo out of the dead.” Through a lot of planning and coordination, the small community has made major strides over the past few years. Lynx Bus routes were re-established, a community garden was planted, a library was opened and a school was built to help the community educate its most at-risk students.

But today all the progress that has been made is threatened by an urgent need for safe water. Bithlo does not have city water. The entire town is reliant upon a small well system that has recently broken down. After years of illegal dumping, the ground water has become highly toxic, and is so heavily polluted it will actually stain your clothes.

Officials have given the small town a short period of time to make the necessary repairs and upgrades to the well system or face losing everything they have worked so hard to build, including their only school that educates more than 70 students.

The amount needed to completely fund the well (small water treatment plant) is $27,000. United Global Outreach and River Run Church have partnered together to create a GoFundMe account to raise the total project cost. Without donations toward the well, Transformation Village will risk being permanently shut down, displacing the entire community.

Please consider supporting this project to bring the people of Bithlo clean and safe drinking water.